Cotton and satin

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton has been in existence in ancient Egypt, and is one of the best quality cottons in the world today.

Egyptian cotton contains longer fibers meaning more continuous fibers during yarn and thread production. Thread is smaller in diameter but requires more stiches per surface making the fabric stronger but more airy.

Egyptian cotton is like wine harder at first but softer with time, it doesn't lose shape but fabric will remain firm. They say Egyptian cotton gains on quality with time. Because it contains less flakes it will peel less with time. This is why Egyptian cotton has much more quality than in softness, durability, and endurance comparing to Turkish, Greek or Indian cotton.

Cotton Maintenance

Satin Maintenance

Satin is a very delicate fabric even if it is mixed with cotton.






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Our products are a result of decades of sewing traditions. We offer you with pleasure our products made of Egyptian cotton, mixture of wool and cotton, and a unique blend of satin and cotton. Please enjoy our products as any gentleman should.

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