Jasper, one of the mystic stones of the month October, closely connected with Mars, and the elements of fire.

Jasper was one of the most popular stones in the ancient world probably due to its availability everywhere. Ancient civilizations believed Jasper helps with recuperation, helps absorb negative energy, protects against lengthy disease, treats stomach, prostate, and leg problems, used widely by shamans. Jasper was used by Assirians, Babylonians, ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Indians used to believe it opens chakras, while Chinese thought of it as an equalizer between jin and jang. The oldest archealogical sites date Jasper 20,000 years back to France.

Ancient Egyptians deeply believed into the power of Jasper giving the answer to why is Egypt the country with the largest collection of Jasper artefacts. A hymn to Thoth the God of wisdom says: “The lunar disk over head is made of red Jasper...” Ancient Egyptians used Jasper to produce statues, pots, personal stamps used as signatures in contracts.

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