Agate in Zodiac represents a mystical stone of month September, traditionally a popular present for the 12th and 14th wedding anniversary.

Agate was extensively used during neolithic respectively, and gained a momentum during the Babylonian and ancient Egyptian times mainly for jewlery and decoration. They believed Agate nourishes spiritual energy and helps increase concentration. Persian mags believed Agate can prevent storms while Pontic kings were great collectors of Agate made products. Agate reached its peak in Europe among the Byzanthium monarchs, and during the Renaissance.

Agate is a very hard stone mined all around the world, where green and blue colors are relativelly rare. Agate reflects in its pattern the surroundings of the mining site.


Jasper, one of the mystic stones of the month October, closely connected with Mars, and the elements of fire.

Jasper was one of the most popular stones in the ancient world probably due to its availability everywhere. Ancient civilizations believed Jasper helps with recuperation, helps absorb negative energy, protects against lengthy disease, treats stomach, prostate, and leg problems, used widely by shamans. Jasper was used by Assirians, Babylonians, ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Indians used to believe it opens chakras, while Chinese thought of it as an equalizer between jin and jang. The oldest archealogical sites date Jasper 20,000 years back to France.

Ancient Egyptians deeply believed into the power of Jasper giving the answer to why is Egypt the country with the largest collection of Jasper artefacts. A hymn to Thoth the God of wisdom says: “The lunar disk over head is made of red Jasper...” Ancient Egyptians used Jasper to produce statues, pots, personal stamps used as signatures in contracts.

Rose Quartz

Folk customs believe Rose Quartz represents calming of sensesd and internal peace but especially enrich the understanding of beauty, art, and music with strengthening of love of oneself and others. Rose Quartz has thus been often called the stone of love.

One of the great admirers of Rose Quartz has been Ludwig II of Bavaria who extensively used it to decorate its castles. The Chinese Empress Cixi was such an admirer of the Rose Quartz that she was supposed to have accumulated a ton of it, that is what the legends say of course.

Rose Quartz is sometimes called 'God's Ice', and one of the most popular stones used not only in jewlery but generally in industry. Folk tradition also believes it helps with personal growth, healthy sleep, discerning difficult situations, and boosts energy.

Rose Quartz was already used by ancient tribes of North America and Australia both in accessories and rituals. Persians used Rose Quartz to enrich mothers milk, in Africa it was used by Hotentots in rituals of sacrifice and circumcisions, we have some evidence it was used in Shetland Islands. Rose Quartz is sometimes called the grandfather of crystals.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is a chatoyant stone. Ancient people used it as a talisman, and as a protection against 'evil eye' and black magic. Fortune tellers used to carry it around their necks as it helped with their insight into the future

Old folk beliefs say Tiger Eye brings luck, sharpens intellectual capabilites, and helps with asthma. Tiger Eye has been one of the most popular stones.

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is one of the oldest materials used in production of jewlery and accessories. Jewlery is found in all the ancient civilizations, Babylon, ancient Egypt, Persia, Sumer, Minoan culture, all the way to Americas and Pacifics. In the Oriental world the Mother of Pearl is one of the most popular materials for furniture inlay when it reached peak under Otomans as is shown in the Topkapi Palace. Mother of Pearl was widely used in India as in Taj Mahal, and in imperial China.

One of the better known users has been Egypt where we can admire beautifully crafted furniture and architectural elements of mosques, palaces, and old houses with such precise craft that it was one of the first artistic aspects to admire when Napoleon's forces came to Egypt. Mother of Pearl has been used in Egypt since 4200 B.C.

In folk beliefs Mother of Pearl represents the primary source of peace, and a return to the healing energy of ancient sea, the original source of movement and beginning of life.


Sopastone has been used in Persia, ancient Egypt, Crete, North America, today it is used widely in the industry from cosmetics to ceramics. Soapstone was used in North America for cooking accessories and pipes, some ornaments go back 5000 years into the past when the natives travelled in canoes to the island of San Clemente. Cooking accessories were also produced by Scandinavians when the figured out Soapstone can endure very low and high temperatures.

Ancient Egyptians used Soapstone for cooking accessories, ornaments, talismans, and cosmetics. In cosmetics it was ground and used as facial and baby powder. After Arabs colonized Egypt the beduins started with large Soapstone mining operations which was largely exported to Europe. One of the most important mines was Wadi Abu Qureya which is an archeological site today.

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