Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is one of the oldest materials used in production of jewlery and accessories. Jewlery is found in all the ancient civilizations, Babylon, ancient Egypt, Persia, Sumer, Minoan culture, all the way to Americas and Pacifics. In the Oriental world the Mother of Pearl is one of the most popular materials for furniture inlay when it reached peak under Otomans as is shown in the Topkapi Palace. Mother of Pearl was widely used in India as in Taj Mahal, and in imperial China.

One of the better known users has been Egypt where we can admire beautifully crafted furniture and architectural elements of mosques, palaces, and old houses with such precise craft that it was one of the first artistic aspects to admire when Napoleon's forces came to Egypt. Mother of Pearl has been used in Egypt since 4200 B.C.

In folk beliefs Mother of Pearl represents the primary source of peace, and a return to the healing energy of ancient sea, the original source of movement and beginning of life.

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