Rose Quartz

Folk customs believe Rose Quartz represents calming of sensesd and internal peace but especially enrich the understanding of beauty, art, and music with strengthening of love of oneself and others. Rose Quartz has thus been often called the stone of love.

One of the great admirers of Rose Quartz has been Ludwig II of Bavaria who extensively used it to decorate its castles. The Chinese Empress Cixi was such an admirer of the Rose Quartz that she was supposed to have accumulated a ton of it, that is what the legends say of course.

Rose Quartz is sometimes called 'God's Ice', and one of the most popular stones used not only in jewlery but generally in industry. Folk tradition also believes it helps with personal growth, healthy sleep, discerning difficult situations, and boosts energy.

Rose Quartz was already used by ancient tribes of North America and Australia both in accessories and rituals. Persians used Rose Quartz to enrich mothers milk, in Africa it was used by Hotentots in rituals of sacrifice and circumcisions, we have some evidence it was used in Shetland Islands. Rose Quartz is sometimes called the grandfather of crystals.

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