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Egyptian Wool

Wool has a long tradition in Egypt being produced from sheep and camel hair. The most famous city for wool production is Al Quais which produced the Egyptian type of soft wool for the khalifa rulers. The wool from this city was also exported to the European royal courts. Wool was used to produce carpets and luxury coats, and was famous for being solid and durable. At times wool is mixed with cotton and silk to add shine and softness.

Our Products

Our bags are hand made with bucjets of hardwork and love. Our master seamstress has years of experiences with choosing correct stiching and shapes to make our products simple and pleasant to touch and use. We believe wool need live colors which was the reason to present a color assortment to impress all buyers. The bags are micro or large to use your lipstick, mirror, and phone or you might decide for a larger volume. The colors and shapes will impress you.

Wool Maintenance

One of the better features of wool is that dirt deposits into the fabric much slower comparing to the other materials.

Washing and Drying

Storage of Wool Products

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